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If you use VPN each day, a professional VPN provider is a must. But if you want to use a VPN just every now and then – its great to have a free VPN. The free VPN Services might not be as fast and reliable as a commercial VPN Service –  but for surfing the web or on vacation, when you need a ip adress of your home country to access blocked websites –  theyll do the job. We have the best free VPN services listed for you. Youll find the best completely free VPNs a little further down on this page.

For video streaming or filesharing, its best to use  free trial versions of commercial VPN Services to save your money.  Free VPN Services are just not fast enough to deliver video streaming over their connection – and thus the video will take ages to load or a audiosteam like Pandora stutters. Just sign up at a provider which has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee like ExpressVPN  or a Free Trial for a few days like VyprVPN. You get the full speed, an easy to setup client software and a large number of available countries to get an ip address from. If you cancel after a few days – its free for you.

Newcomer: SpyOff offers a unlimited 14 day trial – sign up quick as the offer wont last long!

List of the best VPN Services with Free Trials or Money Back Guarantees:

If you want to send or receive private data like emails, passwords, account data or even credit card data – you should also take a professional VPN Service. You dont know if the traffic of the free VPN is somehow logged. The cost for the servers must be paid somehow and to fund a free VPN its often datamining through your traffic. And if you have a low budget – in the table below are the best known commercial VPN Providers with a free trial..

Best Free VPN for Video Streaming, Filesharing, Skype etc:

Homepage Free VPN Trial Details: Locations: IPs
http://www.spyoff.com 14 Days unlimited free Trial 21 Countries 1000+ IPs
http://www.expressvpn.com 30 Days Money Back – no questions asked 78 Countries 10.000+ IPs
http://www.vyprvpn.com 30 Days Money Back 40 Countries 200,000
http://www.hidemyass.com 30 Days Money Back 75 Countries 75,000 IPs
http://www.privateinternetaccess.com 7 Days Money Back 10 Countries
http://www.torguard.net 30 Days Money Back (limit 10MB) 30+ Countries 300+ IPs
http://www.hide.me 14 Days Money Back 12 Countries
http://www.hideipvpn.com 30 Days Money Back 5 Countries
http://www.12vpn.com 7 Days Money Back 13 Countries
http://www.cactusvpn.com 24 h Free Trial Account 3 Countries
http://www.earthvpn.com 7 Days Money Back 32 Countries
http://www.ghostpath.com 7 Days Money Back 41 Countries
http://www.gotrusted.com 7 Days Free Trial Account
http://www.happy-vpn.com 30 Days Money Back 5 Countries
http://www.ibvpn.com 15 Days Money Back 23 Countries 2,000 IPs
http://www.ironsocket.com 7 Days Money Back 35 Countries
http://www.ivpn.net 7 Days Money Back 9 Countries 600 IPs
http://www.overplay.net 2 Days Money Back (only PPTP-, L2TP) 48 Countries
http://www.shellfire.de Restricted Free Version 19 Countries
http://www.simplevpn.net 100% Money Back Guarantee 18 Countries
http://www.steganos.com 30 Days Money Back 1 Countries
http://www.strongvpn.com 5 Days Money Back 22 Countries 87,000 IPs
http://www.torrentprivacy.com 30 Days Money Back 3 Countries
http://www.versavpn.com 5 Days Money Back 18 Countries
http://www.vpn.ac 7 Days Money Back 12 Countries
http://www.vpnaccounts.com 7 Days Money Back 9 Countries
http://www.vpnace.com 1 Day Free Trial Account (limit 1GB) 6 Countries
http://www.vpnintouch.com 1 Day Free Trial Account 8 Countries
http://www.vpnsecure.me Restricted Free Version 32 Countries
http://www.worldvpn.net 1 h Free Trial Account 37 Countries

If you want to read some reviews about the VPN providers above, check out the website “Best VPN Software” – it has a lot  of details about the biggest players in the industry, also some stories about which vpn company betrayed its users and which not.

List of the best completely FREE VPN Services:

Not as easy to set up, less countries and slower data transfer rates – but completely free! Check out the best free VPN services:

Best Free VPN for web-browsing, webchat, web radio:

Homepage Locations Host/Servername IP
http://www.afreevpn.com United Kingdom uk.afreevpn.com
http://mybestvpn.com United Kingdom uk.mybestvpn.com
http://www.newipvpn.com United Kingdom uk.newipvpn.com
http://freevpn.me Romania
http://freel2tpvpn.com USA us.freel2tpvpn.com
http://www.freevpnaccess.com USA
http://www.matevpn.com Netherlands pptp.matevpn.com
http://freevpn.nl Netherlands FreeVPN.NL
http://www.websitevpn.com Netherlands
http://justfreevpn.com United Kingdom uk.justfreevpn.com
http://www.pptpvpn.org United Kingdom uk.pptpvpn.org
http://toyvpn.com USA(Los Angeles,Dallas,Atlanta) us2.toyvpn.com
http://www.vpnforuk.com United Kingdom vpnforuk.com
http://www.topukvpn.com United Kingdom topukvpn.com
http://ufreevpn.com USA usvpn.ufreevpn.com
http://superfreevpn.com USA superfreevpn.com
http://ukusvpn.com United Kingdom uk.ukusvpn.com
http://us.newfreevpn.com USA usvpn.newfreevpn.com
http://www.freecanadavpn.com Canada freecanadavpn.com
http://www.bestukvpn.com United Kingdom bestukvpn.com

What you must know about Free VPNs!

Even if there is a lot of free stuff on the internet, the people who provide the free VPN services have to pay their bills somehow. They need to pay for the server-infrastructure and sometimes for the traffic as well. They refinance their service often through ads on their website – which is perfectly ok.

There are black sheeps:

But there are some who inject ads in their users traffic, for example they change the Google ads on websites. Or they use your computing power with a javascript bitcoin miner. And nobody knows what they do with the data you submit. Some of them let dataminers analyze their traffic for money. And we dont know which one of the above mentioned free VPN services do log, analyze or modify their traffic. Its impossible to tell without a immense effort, technically and financially. So – if you just want to access a website or video file – a free VPN is perfect for you. But please dont use it to submit private data like usernames, passwords, private data, login to facebook or something similar. There is no way to see if someone is logging, analyzing or accessing your data later. Instead, you can use a Free VPN Trial from a commercial VPN Service. They are more reliable in terms of privacy – and if you cancel your subscription in time – it is completely free of charge.

Which Websites are the most popular and most blocked sites worldwide?

For people from western countries it might seem strange which sites are blocked worldwide. But many countries have a problem with free speech on social networks. Others have a big problem with the human body trying to reproduce itself on camera – what we call porn. Others like china have big problems with search engines which show what they dont want their people to know. Here are the most popular blocked websites worldwide:

The top 10 most popular blocked websites worldwide:

  • Facebook.com — 14.2%
  • MySpace.com — 9.9%
  • YouTube.com — 8.1%
  • Ebay.com — 6.4%
  • Twitter.com — 2.3%
  • Orkut.com — 2.2%
  • Redtube.com — 1.4%
  • Limewire.com — 1.3%
  • Pornhub.com — 1.2%
  • Playboy.com — 1.2%


The most popular blocked websites in china:

soundcloud.com, google.co.kr, t.co, bet365.com, hootsuite.com, flickr.com, youporn.com, dropbox.com, pornhublive.com, change.org, google.com.sa, swagbucks.com, google.it, google.co.jp, google.es, blogger.com, bitshare.com, pornhub.com, redtube.com, google.at, nuvid.com, goo.gl, google.com.tw, eyny.com, 123rf.com, nytimes.com, yourlust.com, blogspot.com.br, sex.com, pchome.com.tw, lemonde.fr, google.com.ph, google.nl, dailymotion.com, feedburner.com, blogspot.jp, subito.it, google.co.th, google.com.vn, android.com, google.com.sg, google.pl, google.com.my, google.co.ve, blogspot.de, drtuber.com, asos.com, xtube.com, fc2.com, google.com.mx, wsj.com, google.com.co, hardsextube.com, archive.org, google.co.in, google.com.ar, blogspot.in, google.cz, google.de, google.co.id, google.com.eg, wordpress.com, twitter.com, google.hr, elpais.com, ck101.com, tube8.com, turbobit.net, spankwire.com, google.com.pk, liveleak.com, google.com.ua, google.co.za, mobile01.com, netflix.com, vimeo.com, macys.com, google.dz, cam4.com, adultfriendfinder.com, blogspot.com, facebook.com, google.ca, bloomberg.com, pixnet.net, youtube.com, google.fr, immobilienscout24.de, slideshare.net, istockphoto.com, pastebin.com, google.gr, google.ru, xhamster.com, google.rs, hidemyass.com, google.se, xing.com, google.com, blogspot.com.es

The most popular blocked porn sites:

bigtits.com, Sublimedirectory.com, xxx.com, alphaporno.com, Beeg.com, empflix, spankwire.com, pornwall.com, slutload.com, motherofporn.com, redtube.com, streamlivesex.com, hdpornstar.com, eporner.com, madthumbs.com, spankbang.com, vr sex, pornhost.com, Motherless.com, morningstarclub.com, videolovesyou.com, xvideos.com, Pornhub.com, xnxx.com, xogogo.com, porn.com, freudbox.com, fapdu.com, my18tube.com, pornerbros.com, XHamster.com, analpornhd.com, orgasm.com, fastjizz.com, userporn.com, tube8.com, xfapzap.com, Youporn.com If you want to access Websites and streaming services on your SmartTV or Console, take a look on www.freesmartdns.net – while its mostly not possible to run VPN on these devices, SmartDNS is there to help you out – and there are free trial offers too. Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Websites of 2015 BitTorrent users are extremely reliable, where websites experienced a consistent listing for over half a decade, which will be represented in the top 10. In common 2014 sees a number of movers and shakers, along with several newcomers. The very best three positions remain undamaged compared to a year ago, with The Pirate Bay in the lead despite several domain name changes. The most prominent absentee in 2013 is isoHunt. Your website was featured since 2006 in the top 10, but went in 2013 after it settled its legal dispute with all the MPAA. The rookie of last year H33t additionally dropped from the top 10 after it lost its domain name. The website relaunched after two months downtime at H33t.to but has lost most of its own traffic. The initial rookie this year is YIFY-Torrents, which is also among the most youthful torrent sites. The website has grown enormously over recent months, and YIFY has evolved into Hollywood’s new nemesis, by focusing on popular movie releases. Isohunt clone/replacement isoHunt.to is the next starter, which can be quite an accomplishment considering that the website just started two months past. RARBG is the last ‘new’ name, the website has existed for a long time but is recorded in the top ten for the very first time. Below is the complete listing of the best 10 most- seen with torrent websites from the beginning of the recent year. English language content sites and just public are comprised. The list relies on various traffic reports and we show the Alexa and U.S. Compete rank for each. Moreover, we contain the rank for every one of the 10 websites of last year. Did we lose anything? Don’t hesitate to join the discussion below. Those who would like to improve their seclusion may needs to make use of a VPN or proxy service. 1. The Pirate Bay 2. KickassTorrents 3. Torrentz 4. ExtraTorrent 5. YIFY-Torrents 6. 1337x 7. isoHunt.to 8. BitSnoop 9. RARBG  

Free VPN Providers – which are free – if you cancel in time.

If you need some support in choosing the right VPN service for you – here are the commercial VPN Services we can recommend. They all support either a free trial or a moneyback guarantee. Either way  – if you cancel your subscription in time, the service is free.

ExpressVPN offers 30 Days Money Back

expressvpnWith seriously superb speeds of communication, ExpressVPN is easily at the very top of the VPN services. You absolutely obtain what you purchase with this company, as although others consider it overpriced, its VPN service is one of the best we know of. This company boasts a huge selection of IPs in over 41 states, furthermore provide a 24/7 customer support in the event whatever occurs with their software program. Click here to see their offers.

ExpressVPN has Servers in the following countries:

USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Hungary, Hong Kong, Portugal, Czech Republic, India, Greece, Poland, Japan, Ireland, Lithuania, Singapore, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Finland, South Korea , Thailand, Denmark, Ukraine, Netherlands, Panama, Luxembourg, Israel, Norway, Argentina, Austria, Egypt, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Costa Rica

Payment Methods:

Creditcard, Paypal

 Free VPN Software Clients for:

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

VyprVPN offers a 3 days Free Trial (and is perfect for China)

vyprvpnFamous for its super fast speeds and superb security and safety, VyprVPN works with all of the leading operating systems also gives customers a great service for their money. As one of a few, VyprVPN also offers a Business VPN solution. Their VPN software client is very easy to use and they have a really large network of servers worldwide. Their owner, Goldenfrog.com has a long experience with computer networks as they run the usenet provider Giganews.com. VyprVPN is perfect for users from China because they provide their own protocol “Chameleon” which cannot be blocked by the “Great Firewall of China”.  Click here to see their offers.

VyprVPN has Servers in the following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Philippines , Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam

Payment Methods:

Creditcard, Paypal

Free VPN Software Clients for:

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Hide My Ass offers a 30 day money back guarantee

hidemyass1With it’s quirky name, this service provider totally does exactly what it claims on the tin. Not famous for their privacy features (they keep provider logs and gave the data of Lulzsec Hacker “Sabu” to the FBI –  this VPN service provider delivers a great range of tools created to give protection to internet users’ online privacy for free on their website. Their VPN Software client is the best one we know of – and they also  have the largest network of VPN servers we know of. They dont offer a free trial – but you get your money back for up to 30 days “if you arent satisfied”. Click here to see their offers.

HidemyAss has Servers in the following countries:

Vietnam, Thailand, Poland, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Argentina, Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Panama, Saudi-Arabia, Australia, Israel, USA, South Korea, Egypt, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, Jordan, UK, Slowakia, Switzerland, Estonia, Ukraine, Sweden, Iceland, Serbia, Morocco, , Croatia, New Zealand, Norway, Kanada, Chile, Indonesia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Philippines, Spain, Indien, Greece, Brasil, Austria, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Russia, Slowenia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Southafrica, Germany, Portugal

Payment Methods:

Paypal, 2checkout, Dalpay, Cleverbridge, Google Checkout, Payza, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Credit Card

Free VPN Software Clients for:

Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Purevpn DOES NOT offer a free Trial – but they are cheap!

purevpnIf you are looking for a really good deal – try PureVPN. Their computer software is truly one of the most inexpensive, PureVPN proves that you simply don’t have to pay an extensive amount of money for top quality. Since a few weeks, PureVPN also has a Smart DNS Service included in their monthly price – which are quite competitive. SmartDNS and VPN in one package is a great opportunity for many of us out there. There’s a money back guarantee in the event you’re not happy with the computer application or the network speed, and there is also a 24/7 customer service. Take a look their prices!

PureVPN has servers in:

Hong Kong, Sweden, United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Singapore, Great Britain, Romania, South Africa, Russia, Germany, China, Switzerland, Panama, Netherlands, Thailand, Chile, Ireland, Costa Rica, Poland, Luxembourg, Japan, Ukraine, Latvia, France, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria

Payment Methods:

PayPal, Credit Card, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Plimus, Mercadopago, MyCard, Indomog, Epagseguro, Fanapay, Interac, Dotpay, Giropay, Allpay, IDeal, EPrePag, SanalPara, Posta Ceki, ToditoCash, Ukash, CashU, Fortumo, EcoPayz, Necard, gamania, Neosurf, GSCash, Ticketsurf, Allpass, Smscoin, MikroÖdeme, Impulsepay, Daopay – the longest list of supported payment methods we know of 🙂

Free VPN Software Clients for:

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

StrongVPN offers 7 days Money Back

strongvpn1StrongVPN has been around for about 20 years and has built a a lot of trust within the industry. Famous for the top-quality of its customer service and a good software client, they have a smaller selection of worldwide server locations than other VPN services. StrongVPN also provides a SmartDNS Service für TVs or Consoles under the brand “StrongDNS”. They also offer a Smart DNS Trial with which you can test their SmartDNS functions and channels for 2 full weeks.  Click here to see their offers.

StrongVPN has servers in:

Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Japan, Latvia, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, United States, Hong Kong, Romania, Turkey

Payment Methods:

Creditcard, Paypal, Google Checkout, Cheque

Free VPN Software Clients for:

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android   Our site is hosted with: bestwebhoster.net.

The Basics about VPN:

To start, what exactly do we really mean by VPN? VPN usually means Virtual Private Network. It’s computer software which connects persons globally. Experienced users already understand precisely how important it is to have the a reliable VPN Service. For Streaming Movies, Football, Soccer and other Sports, to access Netflix, HULU and HBO outside the states, for surfing on Websites which are blocked in school or at work, Porn Sites like Pornhub.com, Youporn.com, Redtube.com, XHamster.com and others which are blocked in many countries,   to use Facebook, Google Apps, VoIP and other Applications in countries where it is forbidden or blocked – or for filesharing and p2p – and thousands of other things 🙂 Each one of these communications through a VPN tunnel are  private and confidential. No government or hacker sees what you do on the internet – your data is encrypted and  tunneled through the internet to a country where the restrictions you might have, dont exist. With more than 250 commercial VPN providers to choosefrom , there are numerous kinds of aspects to give some thought to. To provide an example, the lowest price isn’t generally the most useful criteria – mainly because it may possibly have an enormously poor connectivity. In contrast, the most cost effective connection possibly could be safer because they do not keep logfiles. Also the number of countries where the VPN service has servers is very important, as well as their own jurisdiction. However you decide –  Free VPN, VPN Trial or commercial VPN account – have fun with your anonymous connection to the internet!