StrongVPN offers 7 days Money Back

StrongVPN offers 7 days Money Back

strongvpn1StrongVPN has been around for about 20 years and has built a a lot of trust within the industry. Famous for the top-quality of its customer service and a good software client, they have a smaller selection of worldwide server locations than other VPN services. StrongVPN also provides a SmartDNS Service für TVs or Consoles under the brand “StrongDNS”. They also offer a Smart DNS Trial with which you can test their SmartDNS functions and channels for 2 full weeks.  Click here to see their offers.

StrongVPN has servers in:

Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Japan, Latvia, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, United States, Hong Kong, Romania, Turkey

Payment Methods:

Creditcard, Paypal, Google Checkout, Cheque

Free VPN Software Clients for:

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android   Our site is hosted with: